How to Make Mini Felt Bows – Free Templates and DIY Tutorial

Mini felt bows in various colors

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Learn How To Make 6 Different Adorable No-Sew Mini Felt Bows

It’s a well-known scientific fact that tiny crafts are cuter than regular-sized ones. (Probably.) So in an effort to spread the tiny cuteness, today I’m showing you how to make six different mini felt bows. They’re suuuuper cute. And bonus! They’re also super inexpensive, quick, and easy to make with just a few supplies. Leave them as-is or add an alligator clip just before finishing to make it into a baby or doll-sized hair bow.

I really do mean quick and easy, so let’s not waste any more time!

What You’ll Need

Felt Sheets
Scissors (or Cricut Maker)
Hot Glue Gun
Mini Bow Template – Get the free files by clicking on the button below!
Mini Alligator Clips (Optional)

Mini Bow Tutorials

All of the steps for these bows overlap one another, so rather than write up a tutorial for how to do each of them, I made one of each all at the same time so you can see how all of the pieces go together.

Step one: Cut out and separate your pieces.

There are 5 different pieces in the template for this project. You can mix and match them however you want to make 6 different kinds of bows. Here are the pieces you would cut to make one of each.

(Note: the very top rectangle in each piece is what makes the ‘knot’ over the middle of each bow. In the template, there are two different sizes of this piece. The shorter, fatter one is used only in the two sets on the left. The longer, skinnier one is used in the four on the right.)

Print out the PDF template to cut your felt by hand, or upload the SVG file to your Cricut Maker and cut out dozens at a time with the pink fabric mat and rotary blade.

Cutting out the pieces takes up most of the time for this project. Once your pieces are laid out, the assembly is quick and easy.

Step 2: Attach the Tails

First, for any bow that you’re giving a tail, hot glue it in the middle. (For the bottom right bow, it may be easier to glue on the tail after step 4 if you can’t get a good accordion fold.)

Step 3: Fold rounded bows

Next, for every bow with the eyeglass shape, fold the sides into the middle and glue them into the bow shape.

Step 4: Fold Rectangular bows

This is probably the most difficult step. You may want to cut out a few extras to practice with. Fold the sides into the middle and glue down with a wide but very thin layer of hot glue. Do these one at a time so that you can immediately pinch the middle into an accordion fold. Keep pinching tightly until the creases are set.

Step 5: Layer and Finish

Glue the rectangular bow on top of the rounded one for all of your stacked bows. Then for each, glue one end of the knot piece in the back. Wait for it to set, and then wrap tightly around the center, and glue again in the back. Trim off any extra.

6 different orange felt bows

If you want to make them into hair clips, just slide in the flat side of a 1″ alligator clip before you finish off the knot.

Felt bow hair clip DIY

Tada! 6 different mini felt bows, all SUPER QUICK AND EASY!

Now do me a favor and pin this project to your favorite craft board, then get started making, oh I don’t know, like 6 DOZEN of them?? I’ll see you next time.

Stay crafty,

Download the Free Mini Felt Bow Template

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"How to Make Mini Felt Bows" pink and purple bows DIY
"free cut file" felt bows with scissors and glue gun

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